So ladies and gentlemen, we’ve all been hesitant about whether to get a wax or not. Many people have no idea what to do to prepare for it, or what to expect after it! Well that is why we’re here. The first tip and recommendation we have is…

Grow it out!

If you’re coming in expecting it to be painful, it will be if your hair is not long enough. We always recommend that you grow your hair out for AT LEAST 2 weeks after your last shave before coming in for your wax. We understand that everyone’s hair grows differently so a good length is 1/4 of an inch. For some that may take 2 weeks, for others, it could take 3 weeks. The longer your hair is, the easier it is to pull the roots/follicles. If the hair is too short, it is difficult to get it off. You will have a much cleaner and long lasting wax if you wait for it to grow out.


Don’t wait TOO long. If the hair is too long, your wax will be a much lengthier (pun intended) procedure than you expected. After your first wax, we recommend you come back                     for the next one after 4 WEEKS. That is about how long it will take for the hair to grow back sufficiently.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to waxing! The length of your hair will definitely affect the outcome of your wax, so don’t be afraid to let it grow!

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