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Sugaring, an ancient art of hair removal.
The pure, 100% natural sugar paste.


Adjust your eyebrow tone
to perfection with a
customized brow henna
tint service

The Perfect Gift
For Any Occasion

Give Your Loved Ones
a Waxing Mania Gift Card!

Brazilian Wax
Only $50

Bare Body Waxing
Only $100

Waxing Available

Welcome to Waxing Mania

Where Your Beauty Shines Through

We are an innovative salon that specializes in waxing, sugaring and microblading.
From full-body waxing, to sugaring for ladies as well as gentlemen, our entire staff is highly trained in everything we offer.
We only use the highest quality organic wax and sugaring.

The techniques used by our estheticians will ensure you are at ease and feel comfortable throughout the session. We promise it will be
one of the most painless waxes you have ever received!

You will be amazed with our state of the art facilities right from your first visit!

Featured Services


  • Nice Touch

    Jackie and her staff are both friendly and professional! As a new client to both Brazilian waxing and waxing mania, Jackie was reassuring and helpful, and as a result I have become a regular client and plan to be for a long time to come! Jackie’s spa is clean and fresh and they also have a rewards program!!! Awesome place!!

  • The best service and the softest hands!

    Waxing Mania’s owner, Jackie, brought Brazil a little closer to our home town. Her expert and skilled hands make the experience quick and painless. From making the appointment all the way to paying and getting reward points it is a wonderful experience. Thanks Jackie!

  • They Are The Best

    Jackie and her staff is the best! I travel from California to get waxed. Men you do not know what you missing! Go and enjoy a better you. You will be happy you did! It’s the best massage therapy you can get. Go and enjoy the warm wax. I love it! Be a man feel the wax!

  • This Place Is Excellent

    I will definitely be a repeat client. The staff is friendly, fast, efficient and everything was very clean. Very professional Salon. And there is no more reason for me to pay more than $35 for waxing in the future! Waxing Mania overshot all my expectations!

Let Your Beauty Shine Thru

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