Through my desire for all things nurturing and luxurious, I found Body Sugaring! I know you’re wondering what the heck is Body Sugaring! Sugaring is such an amazing and safe form of hair removal from Egypt, dating back to somewhere around 1900 BC. The Sugar Paste only adheres to dead skin cells unlike HOT wax! Which by the way Sugar Paste is the same temperature as your body, therefore there is no way of getting burned! You are also at a lower risk of getting those pesky and often painful ingrown hairs, because with Sugaring we “flick” with the direction of the hair growth instead of against like waxing.

Sugar Paste is completely natural made from Lemon, Sugar and Water. I’ve taken it one step further and I use only Certified Organic and Fair Trade Sugar Paste from Tamara’s Sugar, only the best for my clients! Come in and see for yourself how purely delicious being Sugared can be!

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