What is “body sugaring”?

Body sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal. At Waxing Mania, we use the “hand held” method to apply an organic sugar paste that gently removes unwanted hair and dead skin cells for clean smooth skin. Sugar paste for hair removal dates back as far as 300 B.C. and was first discovered to have originated in Egypt. With the skin care industry becoming more “health conscious” and seeking more organic methods for healthier skin, the “sugaring” method for hair removal has gained increased popularity, and we have found a way to make hair removal a more gentle yet more effective treatment.
Benefits of body sugaring:

100% sanitary
Less painful than traditional waxing
100% organic, safe and effective
Sugaring paste is never hot so it will never burn
Skin stays smoother longer
Extracts shorter hairs than wax (⅛ to ¼ inch)
Significant hair reduction over time
Improves skin texture and tone

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    1. I going thur chemo therapy and I’m scared to use hot wax thinking it might leave a mark or scar. Especially scared to do upper lip but that’s the area I want done most. Really thinking this sugar thing might be ideal for me. Is sugar stuff gentle on the skin compared to waxing?

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