Body waxing is a common practice, but there is a more effective and pleasant method of hair removal: Sugar waxing! Sugar waxing, or sugaring, actually involves no wax, and is an excellent alternative to traditional waxing. Here are some of the many benefits of sugaring:

It’s natural

The sugar used during sugar waxing is so natural, it is even edible! It is made simply of sugar, water, and citric acid.

It’s exfoliating

In addition to hair removal, sugar waxing also removes dead skin cells from your skin, acting as an exfoliant. Your skin will not only be hairless after your sugaring treatment, it will also be smooth and clear.

It’s less painful

Sugaring is naturally less painful than waxing for a couple of reasons. First of all, sugaring paste is never heated above body temperature, making it impossible to burn your skin. Additionally, sugar does not adhere to living skin cells; therefore, you don’t have to deal with the ripped follicles and redness associated with waxing.

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