Now that Waxing Mania is offering sugaring as a service, we want everyone to know exactly why we love this stuff!
While the regular organic hard wax is also awesome, we think that sugaring may be better for certain people.
Sugaring is more of a technique than anything else. The paste itself is different than hard wax because it consists of sugar, lemon juice and water.
First off, if you came in for your first Brazilian Wax and thought the pain was unbearable, Sugaring may be the option for you. The sugaring technique is said to be less painful yet just as efficient as our hard wax.

Other benefits include:
-you’ll stay smoother for longer
-extracts shorter/harder to get hairs
-significantly reduces/prevents ingrown hairs
-cool wax, will never burn
-said to improve skin texture and tone

So there you have it! If you’ve never tried Sugaring we encourage you to!
Call or book online today!

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