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Technology may be taking over our way of working, communicating, and living in general, but there are still some things that we do the centuries-old, by-hand way. One of those is sugaring for hair removal.

waxing mania sugaringIt is safe for all skin types.
Because sugaring paste is made from all-natural ingredients (sugar, water and lemon juice), it doesn’t irritate the skin. Whether your skin is dry or oily, sensitive or not, sugaring is nice to your skin!

It’s a great exfoliant.
As it’s applied to your skin, the sugaring paste adheres to the hair and dead skin cells on your body, and when removed, takes the hair and dead skin with it. Your skin will get a lovely exfoliation during your sugaring hair removal treatment.

It leads to less unwanted hair.
While nothing permanently gets rid of unwanted hair, consistent sugaring treatments over a long time will lead to less hair in the sugared areas. This is because the sugaring process removes the hair in the natural growth direction. Each time the hair is removed by a sugaring treatment, the follicles of your skin are weakened. Eventually, the hair follicle will collapse and stop producing hair. Again, you won’t completely stop growing unwanted hair, but it will become thinner and fewer over time.

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