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Everything Goes Smoothy

You shave. You pull. You tweeze. It’s a pain. And two weeks later, you’re doing it all over again. Not any more. The Waxing Mania offers a variety of services that help you achieve smooth, radiant, hair-free skin. Our treatments last only 15-30 minutes, depending on the area you need waxed. Our certifield and licensed Estheticians remove your unwanted hair with as little discomfort as possible. So whatever look you want, you achieve it in a clean, sanitized comfortable and relaxed environment.

Our speciality is an authentical Brazilian Wax. Our staff is licensed and very experienced in dealing with your expectation and anxiety, we are committed to a stress-free experience, every time, this includes friendly staff and professional esthetician. We set the highest professional standards for waxing services, using only the best organic hard wax. At Waxing Mania, we NEVER use the same applicator twice (no double dipping), and we DO NOT recycle our wax!– as disgusting as it sounds, many low-cost waxing salons do!

Our mission is to offer a phenomenal wax at a reasonable price in a relaxing Day Spa environment (private room with featuring a closed door, soothing music). We offer ALL kinds of waxing services that range from as little as a brow wax to a men´s full body wax.


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**We regret that we cannot perform waxing services on clients who are taking Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac, Renova, or antibiotics. These products sensitize the skin and may cause lifting to occur. For best results, please allow facial hair to be 1/8″ and body hair to be 1/4″ in length prior to waxing. After waxing please allow 24 hours before any sun exposure. Refrain from tropical waters for at least 24 hours after waxing.